Glitter Tattoos

The latest, most fun ever... form of temporary body art.

There is no limit to the designs and colors for you to choose from.
What a memorable time you will provide your guests with this SUPER FUN form of art!


Glitter tattoos only take a few minutes to apply and last anywhere from 3 to 10 days! They are completely waterproof and immediately ready for wear and tear after application.

Glitter tattoos are applied with an FDA approved, hypo-allergenic surgical body adhesive. The glue is applied with a brush, by free hand or over a stencil, glitter is then applied and voila! You have an awesome artwork to admire for days.

They may be easily removed with either cold cream, or 70% alcohol.

Folks of all ages love glitter tattoos!

Best for birthday parties, pool parties, outdoor events, corporate events, picnics, hot sweaty weather events of any kind!